Why do men prefer skinny girls, even the ugly ones?


Eric and I started talking about this the other day and I decided I should write about it. I know a lot of you are thinking, “Great, Steve is going to rip on fat girls” but that is not the case. Would I date a woman that is extremely overweight? No, but I will get to my reasons. The big question is why most men would rather date a skinny ugly chick than a fat chick with a pretty face and sparkling personality.

First let’s distinguish between the “thick” women that are not included in this conversation and the “linebackers” who we are talking about. Don’t start busting out your softball jerseys as proof you are thick and big boned. I’m probably not talking about you. You are the one with the hips and the chest that the “really” skinny girls do not have. Be proud of that, even while you are eating that gallon of ice cream and watching The Bachelor. At least you can bear children easier than most… good job for being “healthy” or as men call you behind your back, “husky.” No, the women I speak of are usually 200 pounds and above. Maybe 175 if you’re really short. I would even say that maybe you have a tumor and so weight isn’t a fair measurement; in that case a BMI of over 30 makes you our test bunny. Let’s think about this and go over the reasons (both general and mine).

General Reasons:

I think it’s the fault of the media. They keep telling/showing us that skinny is beautiful. There are the exceptions like Queen Latifah but she is gay so that doesn’t count.  Corporations say that we should buy their products in order to look like the people who they say embodies perfection. We are sheep, just look at all the diets women embrace to get skinny themselves. I won’t even get into the sex industry and what it does to both men and women psyches.

Side note: Back in the day and in many cultures today, men like chubbier girls because it symbolizes that they are wealthy enough  to eat. Look at statues from classic Greece, the women weren’t sculpted “toned and thin,” they were curvy and beautiful. I do appreciate curvy and beautiful but where is the stopping point? Obesity is not healthy right?

Men are insecure assholes. A man (not all) would rather be seen with a thin woman, even if she is ugly, than with a fat pretty girl (this is not my reason at all). I know men that are worried that people might gossip, “Oh, perhaps he’s a loser or has something wrong with him because he can only get fat girls.” Yeah men actually worry about that shit. They also worry about what their friends will think. I admitted to this in the “my life” chapters but it had to do with sexual conquests.

Are these ways of thinking really wrong? Why can’t a man want what he wants and not be criticized for throwing fatties out of his dating loop? The reason why I ask this is because women do the same shit. How you ask? Let me answer you by asking a similar question, why do girls prefer tall men even if they’re ugly, instead of a short guy who has an attractive face ?  I know women that will NEVER date a man that is shorter. You are 5’2″ and your man is 4’11″… how does that work out for you?  Women think tall is sexier hence “tall, dark and handsome.”

Another reason a lot of men do not date bigger women; they want a partner that is physically outgoing (athletic). Don’t get all excited if you are fat and start resenting that thought. Put down the 3 cakes and keep reading. It’s not that bigger women do not ski or rock climb but the image and stereotype, is that they do not. Let’s face it, a lot of people (not just men) associate fat with being lazy. Which if they are talking about me, they nailed it.

Side note #2: Not all men think this way. Some men only date big women (and not just Mexicans). Most men want to date the thin ones (or have a one night stand) but will marry the chubby one. So there is hope. If not, big women will always have each other and their weight watcher’s club. On to me…


My Reasons

This is very easy to explain. The reason I do not date fat women is because I am fat. Let’s be honest, think about 2 fat people fucking. Close your eyes and picture two odd shaped pear bodies on top of each other and imagine the sound of slapping fat bruising one another. This is not okay. I weigh in at anywhere from 260 to 295 (depends on if I am single or not) and must have a woman under 150. The reasoning; old buildings have elevator limits of 450 pounds. I refuse to make my woman take the stairs. I’m a romantic at heart.

Now why are women okay with dating fat men? I mean I have dated some of the skinniest and most attractive women and they never questioned my weight. Well, this chick Ericka told me after we broke up that she learned her lesson with me. That lesson was to never date a fat guy with a little dick again, but the rest never complained once. I think I am tall and proportioned well so I am not the best example but a lot of bigger guys have smokin hot wives. I might need one of you women to explain this.

Why do you think women are okay with dating “fat” but men are not? I didn’t cover every detail but food for thought, right? (get it… food)

If you know the answer or you are chubby, let me know by commenting below. You can even use a fake email and fake name. I just want to hear from you.


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  1. Men are shallow pigs. That is why. Men want big tits and a nice ass. Women just want you to have a job and not live with your mother. Maybe you should write about that. Why women don’t date loser man-children, even if they are good looking.

  2. Well Steve I really don’t know what to say about this one! 😉
    You saw my previous girlfriend LOL.

    Karen’s argument is invalid, so we know we don’t need to go there.

  3. This is by far the most idiotic post I’ve ever read in my life. “It’s bacause of the media” Oh really? Fat women Fat men are unattractive because it’s not normal to be fat. We are hunter and gathers we were always thin always active always on the move are natural body state is to be very thin. Being Fat is a abnormal, unhealthy and unbalanced form for the human body. Me I am 100 pounds overweight and I’ll be the first to say it because I’m not in denial and I don’t make excuses it is what it is. When I look at a beautiful thin women with all the right curves and my heart starts to flutter it’s not because the media told me that she is attractive it’s because she is attractive. Any women who does not have a lot of extra weight is going to be attractive to most men because it’s natural. liking what you like is not being shallow God gave us attraction for a reason.

    • You are wrong. Women in the early 1900’s were considered thin at 150 lbs. Society tells us what is hot hence the women in magazines now and the women 30 years ago. Not only that, but explain why some women will only date overweight men and who some men prefer “fat” women. I believe for women, they look for a man like their father. Men, it is simply insecurities. It isn’t black and white like you suggest. Thanks for commenting though. Sparks the thought process.

  4. Women look incredible at 150 pounds that is not overweight. when I say fat I’m speaking at 200-300 pounds plus Secondly women who like fat man it’s likely the appearance is not what attracts them Personality,Money,some women have even been reported to date ugly men to assure they won’t be cheated on but I find it highly unlikely that they “like their physical appearance ” Because generally speaking both men and women think fat people look disgusting.

    • Let me tell you something about those girls that are 150 lbs they usually have a BMI of about 15-19.5 and have a high self esteem or ‘big ego’. Because they worked hard. That is the BMI range to be in to be considered healthy. Usually the girls that are 150 lbs are about 5’6- 5’11 any taller or shorter and they are considered unhealthy. I’m a health major so naturally I’m gonna look for a girl around that height and weight and being a physicians son helps… Not only because they look good but because they are more likely to keep it up and out live the man and take care of the kids’ kids, with the money in my will my legacy will live on..

  5. I have dated over weight guys before and it isn’t really that big of a deal. Don’t care what your friends think it it YOUR relationship not theirs. Sweet personalities, kind, sense of humor and things in common. If you have those going for you then you can find a relationship in any shape or size. And if guys worry what their friends think than they will always go for the girls they think their friends will approve of.

    • I get what you are saying but Canadian girls are different than girls in the states. Plus are you good looking? Not being a dick but that would be an easy statement if you aren’t. You know what I mean?

  6. Mexican girl here, I have been in both sides, I was a pretty hot young chick in my 20’s then I move in with a guy and started gaining weight like crazy, I weighted 200 lbs at some point. I’m on my way to lose all that weight now, but I can honestly say I hate to be a fat chick, lol. I have dated fat guys before, but I’m not shallow at all, for me is all about the way you feel with that person, I dare to say for me it’s 100 more important to be with someone that makes me laugh like crazy than the looks of a person. Although I must say I’m one of those persons who thinks fat=lazy, I know I was 😉

  7. I am by no means a thin girl. But I also don’t consider myself unattractive, although I am not so full of myself to think that I am everyone’s flavor of the month. To each their own. Most women I know have body issues and if they say they don’t, they’re lying. I know I do. In our own way, we all dress to please. Some might just need a few more pointers than most, or to invest in a floor length mirror 😉 I always dress for my guy. In the 5 years we have been together, he has rarely if ever seen me without my face on. I wake up and at least try to look presentable for him, even on lazy days. I buy bras and panties that I think will turn him on and flatter my curves and I’ve learned the sexier I feel, the more it’s expressed in my relationship with him, which then turns him on. I dress well when we go out, not to attract the attention of others, but to make him proud to be with me. I’m blessed to find someone that can look past my physical flaws and still think I’m beautiful. The bottom line is everyone has a preference and there is NOTING wrong with that. I am attracted to bigger guys because I like a man that makes me feel safe and protected. No, I don’t have daddy issues. Although I too, have a limit to what I find attractive and what is just… well… not. There is just something about a tall and hefty man with the confidence to match that carries a presence. It also leads me to believe that they can handle me in the bedroom as a little man-handling from time to time is always nice. More often than not, we tend to see couples in matching pairs. Short with short. Tall with tall. Thin with thin… etc etc etc. I believe who we date; their looks, personality, intelligence and wit, is more of a reflection of how we see ourselves.

  8. Some women like myself prefer a hard-working and honest man, and if we have to settle for less, we sometimes will. But other reasons, like those that you described, do make us hesitant. For example, I wouldn’t want to date a fat person because I’m athletic. It’s not healthy for the relationship especially if my spouse is too lazy to do anything and just continues staying fat. I’m not saying all fat people are lazy. I have friends who are fat, but not lazy. They just love to eat. All I’m saying is I want to spend the rest of my life with my spouse and it requires some getting up and moving around too.

  9. I hate fat men to be honest, i think they are gross, lazy, smelly, hairly and honestly, just nasty. Any man over 215, is disgusting and probably annoying as fuck, sorry, but gross, the writer of this is probably disgusting, almost 300 lbs (pukes)

  10. Jessica how SHALLOW are you. Ok u r not attracted to big people but you could be less rude about it. You sound like a school bully. Grow up! I’m tall and slim, not skinny, but slim, I am with a tall, large ish man. I love him to pieces.

  11. When my man and I got together, he said, ‘Let’s grow really fat together.’ I flatly refused and asked why we can’t exercise and be in shape together. We were at loggerheads about this for a while; he just wanted to be comfortable.

    Now, he works out regularly. On his lazy days, I drag him off the couch. Our lifestyle is healthy, in moderation, of course 😛 It pays off because we start our day with confidence. I refuse to get fat and comfortable for any man, because maintenance is far easier than having to lose a vast amount of weight.

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