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I spend a lot of time sharing my life, past stories and even pictures and people I like. I wanted to share something about me and my interest that would allow you to get to know “Steven Benderass” better. At the same time I hope to enlighten you to some awesome companies. There are a lot of people and businesses that pay for advertising but the ones that just rock and earn word of mouth, are by far superior. It only took me a minute to figure out what and who I wanted to share. I just asked myself, “what do I like the most?” If you know me guess 3 things now……. times up. Did you come up with women, beer and music? If not, you need to read all of my articles and catch up. Oh and mom, God is one of them too but I don’t have a good church to write about. With that being said let me introduce my pleasures.

1. Women

I absolutely love alternative artistic women. they just do it for me and I feel like we connect way beyond anything I have ever encountered. I’ve never dated anyone like this but I want to. 🙂 My buddy Simon has a gal Winter that is like this (with the dope name to go with it) and It pisses me off. That’s all… just anger fueled jealousy. So, I find myself getting my fix on one of the greatest sites out. A site that embodies natural beauty, artistic impression and raw sexuality. Let we welcome all of you to The Suicide Girls.

SuicideGirls is a community that celebrates ALTERNATIVE BEAUTY and alternative culture from all over the world. Since 2001, tens of thousands of models have submitted MILLIONS OF PHOTOS to this website hoping to become SuicideGirls. Only a few thousand have, including a handful from Oregon. This is not a porn site. it’s more like an online alternative Playboy magazine.If you want free porn go to but if you want great reads and sexual inspiration, check out Now they do charge $48 a year but it is well worth it and will get you off…… of Facebook. Great for women and men.

2. Beer

Now and then you hear about some home growers that are up and coming in the microbrew world. It starts out a hobby but before you know it they are making large batches, entering beer in regional competitions and winning awards. When this happens it can only be for one reason, they make really good beer. This is exactly what happened to local brewers, Gilgamesh Brewery. If you like beer at all, man or woman, be prepared to drink some of the greatest beer ever made. I have been a beer enthusiast for some time and have found the few beers that make my heart warm (Stone Brewing – Arrogant Bastard, Full Sail – Wassail, Deschutes Brewery – Black Butte Porter, Diageo – Guinness  and more) but Gilgamesh is different. As you can see from my list, I tend to appreciate a stout more than an ale or lager. With them I find that my favorites are a beer named Mamba (has won awards) which has no hops and an ale named Hopscotch (hoppy hence the name). I think one thing most people don’t realize, is that the Pacific Northwest is known for having hops (and I am not talking about basketball players). I really appreciate that Gilgamesh has made a quality beer that represents the brew styles of our region. They brew out of Turner, OR but provide their wonderful beverages to multiple pubs across Oregon. I am sure that they will be expanding out of state soon but in the meantime, if you are ever in Oregon, do your best to find a pub that carries them. If you cannot then come to Salem, OR where Gilgamesh Brewery has just opened a pub of their own, The Gilgamesh Brewing Lounge. it is only temporary but I will say, it is fresh to death. I have been in there and the environment and beer are one of a kind, plus they fill growlers of their beer to go. All of the guys from Gilgamesh are really chill and willing to let you sample any and all of their masterpieces. I could probably spend hours writing about this brewery as it truly produces the best beer I have ever consumed. To learn more about their evolution you can follow them on Facebook


3. Music

My taste in music is much more broad than my taste in beer. A few months back I came across a poet/rapper from the U.K. named Scroobius Pip. Now when I think of the streets of London, I do not think of rap. The same goes for places like Seattle but then we have Macklemore coming strong so don’t judge right? This cat Scroobius is sick. Coming out of a nation that is stuck on Madonna and Dubstep as the end all and making music like he has; it blows my mind. He blends poetry with harsh controversial topics and adds a beat to keep it flowing. You gotta check this guy out and if you dig, follow him as well on Facebook.

Here is one of my favorite songs…




Any Beer, Music or Women I should know about? Let me know…


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